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Berkshire Pork

You will not be disappointed.  Berkshire is a more marbled meat than other breeds of swine making it sweet, very juicy and more tender.  We choose to raise them out of confinement, which allows access to fresh air and sunlight making a better finished meat product.  Because of it's exceptional red color, it is commonly referred to as "the other red meat".

American Waygu Beef

Waygu (Japanese Beef) is celebrated because of it's high levels of mono-saturated fat and high marbeling.  The fat content of this meat is lower and may actually reduce cholesterol levels, and help people watch their weight.  Waygu beef is considered the "Mercedes of the meat business".  The breed has retained it's world renowned status for exceptional marbling, smooth texture and rich taste.  All of our livestock is raised in a safe, clean, humane and friendly natural environment.  We do not give antibiotics or administer any growth hormones for enhancement or any other reason.  We recognize that high quality meat is not a race to the finish line and we are not selling a commodity product.  Instead, we produce value and value takes time, attention, patience and care.

BERKSHIRE PORK CUTS:  Roast | Iowa Chop | Bacon | 1lb Ground Pork Sausage

WAYGU BEEF CUTS: Roast | Ribeye | Sirlion | T-Bone Steak | 1/3lb Ground Beef Patties

NATURAL BEEF CUTS: 1lb Ground Beef

New Expansion

Stop in today to see our newly expanded space!  We are now able to offer more seating as well as new Stensland Family Farms products and merchandise.