People are starting to realize that not all milk is the same.  When they taste our products they realize that when the cows are fed different and genetics are different and you process different, you get a different product.  And when milk is single sourced, we are able to provide the best quality possible.  

Our process involves a low-temp vat pasteurization - this means, while it's heated to an appropriate temperature, it's also kept closer to it's natural state. So...what's the difference between vat pasteurization and homogenization?  Well, quite a bit actually!  They really are two different steps of the process.  Pasteurization is the heating of the milk, while homogenizing is the process of breaking down the fat in the milk to prevent separation.  All the milk we carry is pasteurized AND homogenized - however, we do carry a 'creamline' non-homogenized whole milk, in which the cream rises to the top - so be sure to 'shake well!'.

Every step of our process from what the cows eat to how we bottle helps us better fulfill our mission.  You can taste the difference!