‘Stensland milk has been a life saver for my toddler. She struggled with constipation and we couldn’t figure out why, until she was switched to Stensland milk. This made all the difference for her and allowed her to be regular, she went from going days between bowel movements and crying each time she went, to having regular pain free bowel movements. We are now Stensland customers for life! The ice cream store has also become our family go to for special nights with our kids or even my husband and I’s date nights. I am so thankful for Stensland milk and the huge difference it has made for our toddler. Love love love!’ - Aana Townsend

‘I am an ice cream junky, but hated the stomach issues that came with my favorite treat. The first time I went to Stensland Family Farms, I knew it would be worth the pain and discomfort that was sure to follow, and indulged in the most delicious butter brickle ice cream I have ever tasted. I wanted for the pain to start…but it never did! We continue to visit our favorite ice cream shop, and typical ice cream stomach pains is no longer a thing! Thank you Stensland’s for making amazing ice cream that I can eat without hesitation!’ - Andrea