Stensland Family Farms Ice Cream + Country Store Sioux Falls

At Stensland Family Farms Ice Cream + Country Store in Sioux Falls, we offer fresh, hand-dipped ice cream made in-house, other ice cream treats as well as well as our very own dairy products – milk, cheese and butter.  We also offer canned goods, locally produced eggs, honey and other products. All of the milk used for our products is fresh from our dairy located in Larchwood, Iowa.    



{g} indicates gluten free * flavors in dipping case vary by season & availability

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE | our very own signature cheesecake ice cream with bluberries

BUTTER BRICKLE {g}  | grandma's homemade butter brickle with a hint of butterscotch

CARNIVAL CRAZE {g} | cotton candy ice cream with pink crackling candies

CHIP N’ DOUGH | cookie dough base mixed full of cookie dough and chocolate flakes

CHOCOLATE CANDY BAR | chocolate ice cream mixed with butterfinger, snickers, crunch, whoppers and caramel

CINNAMON STICK {g}| cinnamon ice cream base blended with brown sugar

CONQUER THE CRAVING | our very own brownie batter with homemade brownie chunks & cookie dough

COUNTRY APPLE ORCHARD - CINNAMON APPLE CRISP | homebaked apples from the orchard, cinnamon crisp and caramel

FALL HARVEST PUMPKIN | pumpkin pie spices, blended with vanilla ice cream, caramel and candied pecans

FARMHOUSE ORIGINAL {g} | our farmhouse original bases with fresh vanilla

GRAVEL TRAVEL | salted peanut butter ice cream w/chunks of oreo and caramel swirled

HEAVENLY HOLSTEIN | blended cream swirled with black and white cookies

HOW NOW BROWN COW {g} | decadent, rich cocoa ice cream

LEMON POPPYSEED | fresh lemon curd ice cream with poppyseed and lemon cookie

LICK THE SPOON | simply cake batter - yum!

MAMAS MOUNDS | homemade mounds bars and toasted coconut swirled in our coconut ice cream

MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO {g} | simply bananas - w/walnuts, a hint of peanut butter and chocolate flakes

MOOKA JAVA - KOOL BEANS COFFEE {g} | colombia medium roast coffee, dark chocolate chunks, chocolate fudge

PEANUT BUTTER BLUNDER {g} | peanut butter ice cream blended with peanut butter cups

PISTACHIO {g} | pistachio pudding replica with cracked pistachios

OLD FASHIONED LICORICE STICK | black licorice with pieces of old fashioned licorice stick candies

RAZAMATAZ {g} | white chocolate with a black raspberry swirl

SALTED CARAMEL PECAN {g} | rich caramel flavored ice cream, caramel swirl, a hint of sea salt

SANFORD SWIRL | lemon cheesecake with vanilla cookie crumble - blue raspberry & graham cracker swirl

SMOKIN’ RED HOT {g} | red hot induced ice cream with decadent chocolate fudge swirl

SMORE PLEASE | campfire smores - marshmallow and graham cracker in our light cocoa base

SPOTTED COW {g} | creamy vanilla mixed with chocolate flakes

STRAWBERRY FIELDS {g} | fresh strawberries blended with our farmhouse original base

TIPSY COW TOFFEE | homemade toffee pieces with caramel

TIPSY COW TOFFEE W/PORTER | our classic tipsy cow made with homemade toffee pieces, caramel drizzle blended with Wagonplane Porter from Fernson Brewing Co.

TRIPLE BERRY COBBLER | raspberries, blackberries and blueberries mixed with a crisp oatmeal topping

UDDER ME MINT CHIP {g} | fresh mint mixed with chocolate flakes

WAKE UP CALL {g} | finely ground espresso beans blended with our coffee ice cream


BIRTHDAY CAKE CONFETTI | lick the spoon and chocolate ice cream layered on a brownie base, white chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, vanilla oreos

CHOCOLATE MINT COOKIE | udder me mint and chocolate ice cream layered on a brownie base, fudge drizzle, oreos and andes mint

CHIP N DOUGH | chip n dough and chocolate ice cream layered on a brownie base, fudge drizzle, cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie pieces

GRAVEL TRAVEL | gravel travel and chocolate ice cream layered on a brownie base, caramel drizzle, oreo cookies and chocolate chips

serves 8-10 people and available for special order


  • Chocolate Chip + Farmhouse Original or How Now Brown Cow

  • Chocolate + Salted Caramel Pecan or Udder Me Mint

  • Monster + Farmhouse Original or Peanut Butter Blunder

  • Sugar + Lick The Spoon


CLASSIC BANANA SPLIT | fresh banana + 1/2 dip farmhouse original + 1/2 dip how now brown cow caramel/chocolate/raspberry drizzle + chopped peanuts whipped cream + maraschino cherry

BROWNIE PEANUT BUTTER BLUNDER | 1/2 dip peanut butter blunder + 1/2 dip how now brown cow brownies + peanut butter drizzle + peanut butter cups + whipped cream

ROCKY ROAD | 1/2 dip farmhouse original + 1/2 dip how now brown cow marshmallow drizzle + chocolate drizzle + toasted almonds + whipped cream

CONQUER MY COOKIE DOUGH | 1/2 dip conquer the craving + 1/2 dip farmhouse original + cookie dough chunks chocolate drizzle + mini chocolate chip cookie  + mini m&ms + whipped cream

CHERRY NUTELLA | 1/2 dip how now brown cow + 1/2 dip farmhouse original + hazelnuts nutella drizzle + ferrera roche  + whipped cream + maraschino cherries

FAIRYTALE | 1/2 dip strawberry fields + 1/2 dip carnival craze + frosted animal crackers white chocolate drizzle + sprinkles  + candies + whipped cream


BIRTHDAY CAKE | 1/2 dip lick the spoon + 1/2 dip carnival craze + cream soda

BROWN COW | 1/2 dip how now brown cow + 1/2 dip farmhouse original + rootbeer soda

CAFE LATTE | 1/2 dip wake up call + 1/2 dip farmhouse original + cream soda

CHERRY COLA | 2 - 1/2 dips farmhouse original + cherry cola

CLASSIC COLA | 2 - 1/2 dips farmhouse original + cola

CLASSIC ROOTBEER | 2 - 1/2 dips farmhouse original + rootbeer soda

ORANGE CREAMSICLE | 2 - 1/2 dips farmhouse original + orange soda

PURPLE COW | 2 - 1/2 dips farmhouse original + grape soda

STRAWBERRY ICE | 2 - 1/2 dips strawberry sorbet + lemon-lime soda

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE | 1/2 dip farmhouse original + 1/2 dip strawberry fields + strawberry soda



3101 West 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(next to Fuddruckers)

4712 East 41 Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57110


Monday - Saturday
11:00am - 9:00pm
12:00pm - 6pm