Stensland Family Farms, established in 1915, is a family owned and operated, multi-generational farm located just outside of Larchwood, Iowa.  Our dairy herd is 200+ strong, with around 180 cows being milked at all times.  We also farm 1500 acres of organic cropland. All of the forage our cows eat, comes from the non-GMO crops we grow which gives us the peace of mind to know they are getting the best balanced diet possible.  

All of our cows are milked by our milking system which includes 3 robotic milkers.  This system enables the cows to be milked around the clock and at their convenience.  Once the cow enters the robot the milking process begins, and the collar they wear begins sending information straight to our computer.  The collar identifies each cow and relays weight, temperature, activity, and rumination.  Another important part of our practice is choosing NOT to use rBST (growth hormone).

In addition to the high forage diet and freedom to be milked on their own schedule, each stall in our loafing shed contains a waterbed with sawdust for the cows as well as a self grooming station.  There is also a scraping system in place so the lanes are being cleared 24/7.  All of these things contribute to the health and well being of our cows.