We know Christmas is a time when people are hungry both literally and figuratively for a taste of home. Our extended Stensland family lives no farther than 45 minutes away from each other, but not everyone is that lucky. Often, those of us close to our original homes want to treat family members to flavors we remember from our shared childhood.

Here at Stensland Family Farms, we also know a lot of people who operate their own businesses. At Christmas, if you’re a business owner, you want to show valued, longtime customers how much you appreciate them. You want a gift both unique and useful, right? And it helps if it’s tasty, too!

If you’re looking for a good alternative to more typical gifts of food such as trays of mass-produced cookies, Stensland Family Farms has the perfect solution. This holiday season, our creamery is offering artisanal gift boxes filled with locally made cheeses, fruit preserves and salsas, beef sticks and summer sausage – and popcorn you can pop yourself! How’s that for fresh!

Days ago, the associates in our Sioux Falls store started assembling the cardboard boxes that will hold all these delicious foods, and we plan to set up an assembly line in one of our Larchwood farms’ large buildings to begin filling orders.

As you probably know, twin brothers Jason and Justin Stensland and younger brother Kyle started our creamery. Older sister Leah Moller handles marketing and merchandising for our family-owned business. Our hand-packed gift boxes will give individuals and businesses a fresh and tasty way to share the flavors and fragrances of Christmas, she says.

“With local products in the gift boxes, this will offer a different way to say ‘Merry Christmas,’” Leah says.

Gift boxes start at $25 for two varieties of cheese (block and curd), crackers, and sweet chocolates. Five other gift boxes also are available with the largest, the Charcuterie, offering everything from our Stensland cheeses to locally produced honey and fruit preserves, stuffed olives, roasted almonds, a cow made of chocolate, and cheese utensils that will be treasured for years to come. If we wouldn’t use them, we’re not going to offer them to you!

Since each gift box is carefully hand packed, we must receive orders of 10 or more by Nov. 15. Individual orders can be filled in two to three business days. Shipping and delivery options are available for an additional fee.

To pre-order, call Leah at 605-271-0388 or email her at leah@stenslandfamilyfarms.com. Orders can be picked up at our Sioux Falls store at 3101 W. 41st St., next door to Fuddruckers restaurant.

Hungry to be “home” at Christmas? Let all of us at Stensland Family Farms take you there.