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Our process involves a low-temp vat pasteurization which means, while it's heated to an appropriate temperature, it's also kept closer to its natural state. This process is more labor intensive, however, we feel the integrity of the milk is not jeopardized. Our milk may have a higher price point but it’s because our milk is single sourced and we focus on using the highest natural quality products possible which is then passed onto our customers. We are not a big corporation so the dollars spent stay in the community. When you taste our products, we feel that you will agree that the uniqueness and quality in taste is evident due to our different processes through feeding, genetics, and milk production. 


white + flavored milk

Fat Free | 1% Low Fat | 2% Reduced Fat | Whole | Non-Homogenized Whole

Half Gallon
2% Reduced Fat Chocolate

Seasonal Flavors

ice cream

Farmhouse original | Carnival Craze
Heavenly Holstein | How Now Brown Cow
Lick the Spoon | Peanut Butter Blunder | Razamataz Salted Caramel Pecan | Spotted Cow | Strawberry Fields Udder Me Mint Chip | Wake Up Call

Farmhouse Original | Carnival Craze
Heavenly Holstein | How Now Brown Cow | Razamataz Salted Caramel Pecan

Half Gallon
Farmhouse Original | How Now Brown Cow



cheese curds

Garlic | Garden Medley | Habanero | Onion & Chive | Ranch
Raspberry Chipotle | Taco | White Cheddar

(also available breaded & fried at many local restaurants)


aged block cheese

Farmstead Colby | Mild Cheddar | Monterey Jack | Pepperjack | Sharp Cheddar 



16 oz
Salted Sweet Cream

8 oz
Salted Sweet Cream | Honey

3.5 lb
Unsalted Sweet Cream

Heavy Cream

Half & Half